I have been studying photography since I got my first camera from my father when I was 16. I loved taking photos as a way to record my life, or to share memories with others. 

My inspiration for street photography mostly comes from Henri Cartier-Bresson and Fan Ho. I also admire photographers like Lewis Hine and Vivian Maier. As part of a project called "Heart of Cuba Street," I am collaborating with Wellington Drawing School, by documenting the working class on Cuba Street. As one of my childhood dreams is to be able to document different people and lifestyles on the street. In addition, I am able to help certain people by making artworks. I am very excited and have been working really hard on this project.

Andrei Tarkovsky, Wong Karwai and so many other filmmakers also inspired me on how photography works for filmmaking. While I was working at Weta Workshop in 2019, a colleague (now a friend) of mine urged me to get into photography by using my iPhone. He suggested that shooting black and white for a start would be a good idea because I would only have to think about lighting and composition at the beginning. Having listened to his advice, I soon overcame my anxiety about photography, which had been holding me back for quite some time. I started taking photos and then soon had a lot of opportunities to work on many film sets as a make-up artist. Every chance I could get to take behind the scenes photos for the filmmakers I worked with, I did. Luckily, thanks to the compliments and appreciation, I fell in love with photography.

Taking inspiration from a lot of great photographer that I have mentioned above, I sometimes imitate their many styles of photography. A lot of these photographs were taken with my old iPhone 6s Plus, and recently I have been upgraded to my friend's Sony DSC-RX10M2 and my new iPhone X. With learning knowledge of different cameras, and with some drawing skills that I am now gaining from Wellington Drawing School, I have found ways to develop my own photography styles as a story teller. It seems like the journey as a photographer for me has just begun, and I am looking forward to it.







Photography Project with Wellington School of Drawing


This project aims to celebrate the workers and local people of the Cuba Street quarter. To honour those who make their living and support the most colourful district in the city. Wether noted or ignored, these people are the source of the atmosphere we enjoy and value. We aim to mark their contributions through an exhibition of drawings and paintings, in the Spring / November of 2022.

The project will begin with several weeks of location sketching in the community. Outside the comfort zone of the studio, we will enter the worlds of the individual who bind books, sweep streets, mend musical instruments and serve us in the many cafes and restaurants.


By focusing on people in their environment, we will be able to engage with people on their own terms. Learn about their work and daily habits, the way they relate to customers and their moments of relaxation. These early location sketches will be used to stimulate creative compositions and support limited backgrounds for the final works. It is through the use of background elements or props and work cloths that our story-telling will resonate with the audience.