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Akira Kurosawa, Andrei Tarkovsky and Ingmar Bergman are the masters that I have always looked up to. Kurosawa's approach to the filming and storyboarding process, Tarkovsky's cinematography and Bergman's script writing and self-expression are some of the things that have inspired me to study film.


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The director that inspire me the most.

Kurosawa is a very important mentor of mine as he has influenced me with his attitude of filmmaking. I started reading his biography book "Something Like an Autobiography" during my 2nd year at Uni and a year after, I started working on my own feature film script which I can proudly say I have completed. It took nearly five years and it still has a lot to improve but I have learned that writing can be a painful yet joyful journey. 


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Anderi Tarkovsky is one of the main reasons that I looked into photography and cinematography. His idea of lighting and composition created a poem-like atmosphere for his movies. His biography “Sculpting Time” inspired me a lot and changed the way that I think about the time and space of my own projects.


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I love Ingmar Bergman because of how he wrote and filmed religious issues into his movies and remained very genuine at heart as an artist up until the end of his filming career. His life is a tragedy, full of trauma, sadnesses and loneliness, and he put all of it into his art. One of his very famous cinematic styles is that he films his dreams. His movies are some of those films that truly defined how "Cinema is a way for human beings to create dreams". I love how he expresses himself with cinema in a such a unique visual way, and this really inspired me a lot as a director and scriptwriter.

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