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March - November 2022

While I was working as a night cleaner, I began taking photographs of my colleagues. I was just keeping my interest in photography alive, playing with light and composition. But I was fascinated by how beautiful they looked in the photos and how classic the photos were.

My colleagues became 'heroes', in the night time setting of the office building. Through this time, I found another perspective of seeing life. I realised the most remarkable people, were right in front of me, every time I press the shutter. Without make-up or special effects, they were breath-taking.

With all of that in my thoughts, I am excited to be working as the photographer for 'The Heart of Cuba Street' project, I will document the collaboration between the artists (both model and artist) and record their working process.

I will also work in a cinematic way to photograph moments of busy life in Cuba Street, capturing the atmosphere at different times of the day and evening. I am very excited to see the coming together of drawing and photography in the project.

The Heart of Cuba Street: Press
The Heart of Cuba Street: Portfolio
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